What It Means To Be A Leader at My School by Mia Rodriguez

Hello, My name is Mia Rodriguez, I’m a recent graduate of Capital High School. I was in my sophomore year of high school when I joined Evolvement. In the summer before entering my senior year, I joined the Leadership Team. 

What makes a good leader? It’s being able to communicate with other teammates and being able to take charge any time. When you are listening to others on your team, it makes them feel comfortable that you as a leader know what you are doing. Not only that, but it shows that you’re willing to hear ideas from each member of the team and consider them. Having a person take charge when no one else does makes a good leader. It displays that whatever situation you are in you can easily take charge. Being in Evolvement made me take charge in principal meetings and No Minor Sale presentations. It made me more comfortable answering adults about what Evolvement is and how it can help.

 Being a leader in the Evolvement program had an impact on me because I could see that I can be a leader and I can take charge of events and meetings. It also helped me improve in group work and advance in my AVID class. AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination. This is a program that you can join in High School to get help with school work, college preparation and much more. In AVID you have to be a leader when working with others and be a leader at academic work. The leadership program in Evolvement has greatly impacted me by helping me grow into a better leader and it also taught me how to be a team player. 

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