Partnering with Tent City

Hi my name is Kaitlyn Romero from Gadsden High School. I am a senior and this is my second year in Evolvement and my first year as an ENMLT member. What I will be talking about is a future project I want to work on.

The future project I want to work on is a project that makes companies be our partners in this program. I would like to work with the organization Tent City because they would have small children and teens that are exposed to tobacco products. When I have gone to this place I have seen children exposed and also be in contact with tobacco, thinking its ok.

What I would like to get from this is the knowledge of them and what they think of the changes we want. Also, to see what changes they would like to see in the community. Also, how to make our way to be better and effective. I would want people to listen to what I need to say and to understand. I would also want to understand everyone in the room.

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