Super Hero Rockstars

On Thursday, April 11th, I rode up to Richmond on a train with a really cool Y-Ster named Katelyn. It was just like being in Harry Potter! We were heading to the 2013 Weight of the State conference where Katelyn and I, along with another Y-Ster named Lewis, were doing a presentation about Y Street and our ActOut campaign. With the help of some delicious Comida Mexicana for dinner, we rehearsed late into the night, making sure we knew the facts and could speak confidently about each of our sections of the presentation that we would give in front of 400 people.

The next morning, after a healthy breakfast, Miss Virginia opened for us and shared her story about importance of physical activity. Then we were up. All that good food we’d been eating was struggling to stay down in my stomach, but thankfully we all made it through our parts pretty flawlessly. In fact, the health professionals at the conference loved us! We were referred to on multiple occasions as “superhero rock stars,” and more importantly, we got a lot of positive support for Y Street’s Rev Your Bev Day initiative. So many people from around the state wanted to participate in Rev Your Bev Day, and find out more about Y Street and all the fun and important work we do to promote healthy lifestyles.

It was a great experience overall—not only to get the chance to present about Y Street and ActOut to these various health professionals, but also to meet and network with them. And the food–did I mention the food was good? I also really enjoyed the opportunity I had to meet and get to know Katelyn and Lewis, two Y-Sters I probably would have not met otherwise. Click here to check out pictures of all our fun!

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